Meet Ned Rickman & Thimble Trickson from the 70th Annual Hunger Games!


I’m excited to introduce my two tributes from the 70th Annual Hunger Games!

Meet sixteen-year-old Ned Rickman from District 6: 



Smart. As in genius smart. Ned Rickman is a child prodigy, a calculative mastermind. But he doesn’t want glory. He doesn’t want to take over the world or become Head Gamemaker. He wants to win Suzie McNicoll’s heart. With dark, tussled hair and hazel eyes, Ned is a tall, lanky sixteen-year-old trying to make sense of his life. But that’s just the thing; it doesn’t make sense. 


and fourteen-year-old Thimble Trickson from District 8:



My eyes are brown. But if you look at them in the light, they look golden, with a hint of blue. My eyes are sharp; they can see you long before you can see me. When I’m at the factory, I tie up my long brown hair and put it in a bun on my head. I may not be very strong, but I’m smart. Mother always said I made up twice for wit what I lacked in strength. And you need wit to survive in this world. I don’t give up easily, if you’ve noticed. And if I think you’re wrong, I’ll tell you. Just because I’m small, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a big attitude. I was raised to be my own person. And no one is going to stand in my way–not even you. 


Starting next week, I will be posting chapters from my tributes’ stories from last year’s Writing Fire: The Hunger Games for Writers, which took place on Figment:

At first, my reasons for joining the contest was to give myself a reason to write. I have a lot of ideas, but I rarely finish what I’m working on. Entering the Games forced me not only to create compelling characters, but to stick with them until the end. 

But the more I wrote about Ned and Thimble, the more alive they became. They weren’t just shadowy half-shaped ideas in the back of my mind, they were walking, talking, feeling people who had real lives and unique personalities, and I became attached to them.  I never considered writing fan fiction before, but it was a great experience. Writing within the already existing framework of The Hunger Games freed me from the stress of having to create my own world and plot line and allowed me to focus exclusively on the characters. I learned a lot while writing about Ned and Thimble; they practically clambered their way out of my head and onto the page. They captivated me, and I hope you find their stories just as intriguing as I did.


Each Sunday evening, I will be posting a chapter from Ned’s story, and each Thursday I will post one of Thimble’s.  Stay tuned for the Reaping next Sunday!



NEW Hunger Games Fanfiction Contest!


Last year I was part of a Hunger Games Fan fiction contest called Writing Fire: Hunger Games for Writers on Figment, and it is beginning again this month! It’s a lot of fun, and anyone can join. Here’s how it works.

The Rules: Each writer can create 1-3 tributes, which they submit into the Reaping. The three Judges/Gamemakers of the contest draw the names of 24 tributes from a hat, and the Writing Games begin.

The goal is to keep your tribute alive in order to win. Each tribute/writer is judged on strength of writing, creativity, and grammar. 

When two tributes battle each other in the arena, each author will write their version of the chapter. The Gamemakers will read both and choose the strongest chapter as the winner. That tribute will go on, and the loser will be eliminated from the Games. 

The Gamemakers will give the authors prompts throughout the tributes’ time in the arena. There can be attacks from creatures and monsters, natural disasters, or other tributes. 

I found the contest to be extremely interesting, entertaining, and a great challenge to get my creative juices flowing. I am excited to enter again this year, and I encourage you to join as well! Here is the link if you’d like to check it out:

Happy writing 🙂